Shake can refer to: • Tremor • Milkshake • Handshake • Camera shaking • Shake (time), an informal unit of time equal to ten nanoseconds • Shake (cannabis), the small, leafy fragments of cannabis that gather at the bottom of a bag Contents [hide] • 1 Arts and entertainment • 2 People • 3 Technology • 4 See also [edit] Arts and entertainment • Shake (John Schlitt album), an album by John Schlitt • Shake (Zucchero album), an album by Zucchero • "Shake" (Sam Cooke song) • "Shake!" (The Time song), a song by The Time, from Prince's 1990 Graffiti Bridge album • "Shake", a song by Double • "Shake", a song by Alesha Dixon from the re-release of "The Alesha Show" • "Shake" (Ying Yang Twins song) [edit] People • Anthony "Shake" Shakir, a Detroit techno producer • Master Shake, a sentient milkshake on Aqua Teen Hunger Force [edit] Technology • Shake (software), an image compositing package produced by Apple Inc. • Shake (defragmentation utility), a largely filesystem‐independent defragmentation tool for Linux-based systems • SHAKE algorithm, a time integration algorithm for molecular dynamics simulation • Shake (shingle), a wooden shingle made from split logs • A shake on a brass instrument, especially the trumpet, implies quickly slurring to a note above the written note