Corona Plugin for Xcode

Use Xcode as IDE for Corona SDK

Corona Debugger Demonstration
Quick Start Guide
To start the debugger pick the 'Corona Debugger' scheme from the build scheme dropdown.
Now you can set break points, conditions and actions like you usually do in Xcode. When running the project a debugging window will show up. Here you have your debugger controls and you can inspect variables, watch conditions etc.

Please see the video demonstration above.

  • ⏎ (enter) Run
  • → (arrow right) Step over
  • ↓ (arrow down) Step in
  • p Show current break point

The debugger has a couple of quirks I didn't manage to solve yet.

  • Break points placed on empty lines are ignored.
  • Break point positions can get out of sync if you edit (delete or add lines of code) while debugging.
    To re-sync a break point delete it or drag it to another line and back to the line you want it to break at.

Debugging schemes
If you create new projects from the templates or import a Corona Project (behavior) the Corona Debugger scheme is added to the project.
But if you need to debug a project you created in a previous version of the plugin you need to create a debugger scheme for the project. You can do this by running the behavior script called 'Add Corona Debugger Scheme' at Xcode > Behaviors.


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