Corona Plugin for Xcode

Use Xcode as IDE for Corona SDK

Installation prerequisites
  • This plugin assumes you have Xcode installed at its default location in the Applications folder.
  • It also assumes that Corona is in the Applications folder. You should rename the active Corona folder to CoronaSDK
  • After installing or updating Xcode you must open it atleast one time before installing the plugin.
Behavior Scripts
    This plugin installs a bunch of behavior scripts. Behaviour scripts extends Xcodes functionality. You can run them by hitting the assigned keyboard shortcuts or pick them from the menu bar at Xcode > Behaviors. The first time you run a behavior script you will be prompted to turn on GUI scripting for Xcode. You have to do this for the scripts to work.

    Here are the assigned shortcuts:
    • ⌘⌥O Import Corona Project
    • ⌘D Corona API lookup
    • ⌘P Daily Build Picker
    • ⌘$ Show Project Files
    • ⌘⌥$ Show Project Sandbox
    • ⌘⌃⌥R Corona Simulator Relaunch
    The Import Corona Project behavior is used to import Corona projects that were not created in Xcode. You can use it to quickly open for example Corona sample code or your own projects. The script doesn’t mess with the files in the project at all, it just creates a xcodeproject file referencing the Corona project folder. You only import your project once, after this you open it by clicking the xcodeproject file.

    When using the Corona API lookup script you need to select a Corona library call in your code (you can do this by double clicking it) and hit ⌘D. The documentation will pop up in your default browser.

    To use the Daily Build Picker script you need to place the Corona-xxxx daily build folders in the Applications folder of your computer. When hitting ⌘P you can pick which one to use from a list.

    Xcode Key Bindings
    This plugin installs a custom Corona keybinding set in Xcode. You can always change back to the default keybinding set by going to Xcode > Preferences > Key Bindings. This plugin takes the liberty of overwriting a couple of default Xcode key bindings (⌘P for Print and ⌘D for Duplicate). If you normally use these shortcuts you can reassign them or create a new key binding set after your own preferences.

    Corona Simulator Arguments
    If you open the projects build scheme settings (⌘⌥R) and select Run and Arguments. You will see a window containing the following options.

    The -skin argument lets you specify which device skin the simulator should launch with. Here is a list of supported skin values to pass. If you toggle off this option the Simulator will remember which skin was selected previously.

    If you toggle off the -no-console YES option the Corona Console will launch instead of the Xcode console.

    The rest off the arguments you probably shouldn't mess with.

    For Xcode beginners here are some other relevant Xcode shortcuts:
    • ⌘R Run (opens or relaunches Corona Simulator with current project)
    • ⌘. Stop (closes down the Corona Simulator)
    • ⌘⇧N New project (Find Corona Templates under the label Cross-platform > CoronaSDK)
    • ⌘N New file (Find Corona Templates under the label CoronaSDK)
    Note: when relaunching your project with ⌘R you might see an alert saying something like "[YourApp] is already running. Click Stop to terminate and launch a new instance (...)". If you see this message just toggle on "Do not show this message again" and hit the Stop button. If you hit the Add button Xcode might fire up multiple instances of the Corona Simulator and things will get messy...

    If you are new to Xcode the best way to get started is probably by following the steps in this video.

    Corona Debugger
    Version 1.5 of the plugin introduced a debugger for Corona. Here is a short guide

    Q: When trying to run my project I get a message like this "Launch error. There is a problem launching posix_spawn"?
    A: This message is thrown when Xcode is unable to find the CoronaSDK folder. Make sure you have a Corona folder renamed to CoronaSDK in the Applications folder of the computer.

    Q: The behavior scripts doesn't show in the menu
    A: Run the installer one more time and they should show up.

    Q: Corona SDK Syntax Highlighting doesn’t work after updating Xcode?
    A: You always need to re-install the plugin after updating Xcode.

    Q: How do I use this plugin with Xcode beta versions?
    A: Xcode beta versions are usually named something like To install the plugin with beta versions you need to rename it to and run the plugin installer again. After that you can rename the beta version to whatever you want.


    For any feedback, questions or issues please email me at